SkyVac® Elite Straight Tool Holder

For Use With Elite Poles.

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SkyVac® Straight Tool Holder
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  • FOR ULTIMATE CONTROL AND MANOEUVRABILITY: Ideal for accessing hard to reach valley gutters when working at a height. Use SkyVac Elite End tools, at a straight angle.


The SkyVac Straight Tool Holder. 

This new tool is ideal for accessing hard to reach valley gutters and behind conservatories whilst working at a height. The  SkyVac® Elite Rigid Straight Tool Holder is lightweight, enabling the user to gain a greater control and manoeuvrability while cleaning. The Tool Holder is compatible with the SkyVac Elite Pole System.

What does it do?

The Tool Holder accesses hard to reach valley gutters working at valley gutter height. 

How do you use it?

To use, simply connect the Straight Tool Holder to Elite Poles then attach desired tool in the other end. 


More Information

Weight: 196g

Material: Carbon Fibre / Glass Fibre Composite 

Dimensions: 345mm Length

1 x Elite Straight Tool Holder.

Elite Pole owners that require a little more manoeuvrability when working.

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