Spinaclean 30" Flat Surface Cleaner Triple Rotary Arm

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The Spinaclean 30" Triple Arm Surface Cleaner
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  • 30" FLAT SURFACE CLEANER: With a 30" cleaning head, this surface cleaner gets through square metres briskly and effectively. Featuring a Triple Arm, made of Stainless Steel.
  • POWER THROUGH A VARIETY OF SURFACES: Including patios, driveways, pavements and more. 
  • EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE: This surface cleaner is 30% more efficient than conventional surface cleaners, yet cleans surfaces in 30% less time. 


The Spinaclean 30" Triple Arm Flat Surface Cleaner.

Made to power through a variety of flat surfaces including large driveways, concrete floors and patios, the 30” Surface Cleaner is the perfect way to get those patios cleaned to perfection. With a 30" cleaning head, the surface cleaner is ideal for larger areas.

Key Features:

  • 30” (660mm) cleaning head
  • Triple Rotary Arm
  • Heavy-duty design suitable for long duration cleaning tasks
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Non-marking castor wheels
  • Nylon anti-splash skirt to minimise mess
  • 3x 25° jets fitted to rotating arm
  • HP gun for controlling water flow rate
  • Ergonomic handle


More Information
  • 345 Bar Maximum Pressure
  • 30 Lpm Maximum Flow
  • 30" Stainless Steel Construction
  • With 4 Wheel Castors
  • 80°C Maximum Operating Temperature
  • Trigger Gun

Included is a Spinaclean™ 30" Flat Surface Cleaner which has a large 30" cleaning head with three powerful jets mounted on a triple rotary arm.

The triple head stainless steel rotary surface cleaner is ideally suited for a range of the industrial environments or for a serious professional user.

  • Block paving/concrete/flagstone/tarmac/pattern imprinted concrete
  • Driveways/Patios
  • Walls
  • Decking
  • Commercial and domestic jobs
  • Hot or cold pressure washer systems


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