GumRanger Lite - Chewing Gum Removal System

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GumRanger Lite
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"No more stubborn stains!"

Removing chewing gum can be a demanding job. Once it’s stuck to a surface, it can be extremely stubborn and difficult to remove. The GumRanger Lite makes removing tough stains easy - One blast from the GumRanger will vaporise the stain or mark, making it easy to brush away like it was never there!

No water or power source required, eliminating the needs for generators and leads meaning you can operate in various locations with ease.


This lightweight gum removal system is ideal for removing stubborn chewing gum stains! Gum removal can be a sticky job, it often takes high pressure hoses, strong chemicals, and overspray to get rid of the gum marks. The GumRanger Lite is designed with a smart pump which is able to inject the exact amount of Eco friendly solution into the lance, which then provides a vaporised solution to target the gum. A PH Neutral and Safe steam mixture then vaporises the chewing gum which can be simply brushed away. The specially designed eco-friendly detergent combined with heat means you can remove a gum stain in a matter of seconds, allowing you to eliminate many pieces per hour without getting in the way of the public.

The comfy backpack design makes this an easy to operate system. You don’t need to worry about a water or power source as everything you need is strapped to your back! The GumRanger Lite is a completely environment friendly solution to gum removal and is manufactured with a high quality and robust design meaning it can operate for a continuous cycle of a minimum of 4 hours.

GumRanger Lite - Chewing Gum Removal System

  • The system does not blow sand from joints, removing the inconvenience of mess or dislodged pavers.
  • The self-contained system means everything you need is strapped to your back. No need for the operator to barrier off areas for storage or carry tools.
  • No damage to surfaces from power washing – the unique gum removal process removes the need for strong chemicals or high pressure washing.
  • The system is completely silent meaning removal processes can be carried out at night if needed.
  • Portable and comfortable. Can be used for strenuous periods of time without tiring the operator.
  • Environmentally friendly – the unique cleaning solution is manufactured from renewable sources and is based on a sugar surfactant rather than oil, making it completely bio-degradable.
  • The cleaning lance has no moving parts – no servicing costs or replacement parts required.


  • GumRanger Lite Machine
  • Charger
  • Control Unit on Case

Removing stubborn chewing gum stains and working in hours which do not have power access. The GumRanger Lite is also ideal for removing tough marks without having to use strong chemicals or high pressure washing.

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