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Spinaclean Black Spot Remover
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POWER THROUGH TOUGH STAINS: This black spot remover is designed to remove problematic black spots, lichen, moss, algae, and more with minimal effort required.

NO SCRUBBING REQUIRED: Simply apply the solution to the treated area and the powerful formula breaks down the bacteria and fungus in stubborn stains, in under 2 hours. 

SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF SURFACES: Including sandstone, block paving, concrete, and wooden decking.



Black Spot Remover.

Restore your patio, driveway, decking and outdoor furniture with Spinaclean's Patio Black Spot Remover.

The UK climate provides the ideal growing conditions for black spot.  This hardy Lichen thrives in our shady and damp conditions.  These dark stains will start to appear after a couple of years, spreading across surfaces as the bacteria searches for food.  Surfaces with large "pores" such as Sandstone are typically worse affected than Indian limestone which has a denser construction.   

The neat solution powers through problematic black spots, lichen, moss and stains with minimum effort. No scrubbing required, the powerful cleaning solution breaks down the bacteria and fungus that cause these ugly stains to appear on outdoor surfaces.  

Simply apply to the surface area in need of a makeover.  Leave for up to 2 hours, before rinsing away, to reveal a refreshed and rejuvenated patio, drive way or garden space. 

  • Fast and effective results on a wide range of surfaces including - sandstone, block paving, wooden decking and concrete 
  • Easy application with no scrubbing required, simply apply the neat solution, wait and watch until your patio is transformed 
  • 5 litres deep, cleans up to 25 square metres 
  • Enhances and restories the colour of treated surfaces


How to Use:

  • Apply neat cleaning solution directly to patio area being treated using a plastic watering can or pump sprayer
  • Leave to soak for 2 hours. Solution may “fizz” as it dissolves the grime
  • Thoroughly rinse treated area with clean water and a pressure washer
  • Repeat as necessary for badly affected areas
Photo Credit:  Crosbies Direct Cleaning

black spot remover

Photo Credit:  Jimmy's Property Care

More Information

5L bottle of Black Spot Remover.

Use within 12 months of opening.  

5L of Black Spot Remover.

Removing stubborn black spots, lichen, moss and stains from a range of outdoor surfaces including sandstone, block paving, wooden decking and concrete.


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