PURASTART Complete Set

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PURASTART Complete Set
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  • SUITABLE FOR CLEANING: Glass surfaces on commercial and domestic buildings. Made for the occasional cleaning to small to medium sized surfaces, where there is access to water supply. 
  • IDEAL FOR BUSINESS OWNERS: From window cleaners to large commercial companies seeking self-sufficiency and looking to manage their own property maintenance. For window cleaning up to 24ft, from the safety of the ground. 


Purastart Complete Set. 

Purastart treatment technology removes all impuraties from normal tap water, transforming it instantly into lime-free pure water.

Using pure water ensures long lasting cleanliness and protection against resoling. Pure water is permanently created in the filters of this compact system. Once connected to a tap, the water runs through a filtering substrate, effectively absorbing the minerals. 

  • Sleek Design: The compact Purastart Complete Set has been designed especially with the user in mind, allowing you to clean windows up to 24ft from the ground in previously inaccessible areas
  • Speed: 5x Faster
  • Reach: Thoroughly cleans windows and glass up to 24ft from the safety of the ground
  • Durable: Long lasting and hard wearing - the window brush is made from robust carbon fibre materials
Please note, the trolley MUST be stored or transported upright at ALL times.


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  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Delivery scope: PURAQLEEN 25L filter bottle with mixed-bed resin
  • 1 x Purastart Complete Set.
  • Small to medium glass surfaces.
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