Tapered Rigid Pole 44mm - 51mm Clamped

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Tapered Rigid Pole
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  • TRANSFORM YOUR PUSH FIT POLES: From a standard set up, to a set up that will take your gutter cleaning abilities above and beyond.
  • USE ALONGISDE OUR END TOOLS: The 51mm neck allows you to equip Elite Necks with all Elite end tools. This pole also enables you to use the SkyScraper Roof Cleaning Brush. 


Tapered Rigid Pole.

This unique pole has been designed to allow your standard push-fit poles to be used with our skyVac® Elite necks and end tools and even the skyScraper® roof cleaning tool, so you can take your gutter cleaning services to the next level and offer so many more services.

The 44mm end of the pole simply slots into your push fit pole, whilst the 51mm end of the pole can be used to insert the specialist necks and tools. So, what exactly will you be able to use with your push-fit poles?

Tapered Rigid Pole Compatible with: 

skyVac® Elite Rigid Neck 90°

The perfect tool for accessing hard to reach valley gutters, whilst working at height. The tool is lightweight and rigid, giving you more control and manoeuvrability.

skyVac® Elite Rigid Neck 180°

This tool is ideal for accessing gutters that are directly overhead or when you are short of space like in narrow pathways. The lightweight design makes it easier to control and manoeuvre with.

skyVac® Elite Hairpin Neck

The unique shape of this neck tool holder is much wider than any standard neck, allowing more area for gutter debris to pass through, eliminating the chances of blockages. 

skyVac® Elite Viper Tool

The Elite Viper tool features two extended forks to enable you to claw through more stubborn gutter turf. The two forks let you get in deep and tackle those areas that might not be as accessible with a standard end tool.

skyScraper Roof Cleaning Tool

The skyScraper® Head & Blade system, is the safest and most effective way to scrape away stubborn moss from roofs. Simply choose the suitable blade to fit your roof tile profile, and attach the head to your poles.


*Please note: skyVac® Elite Necks, End Tools and skyScraper® Head and blades are sold seperately.


More Information
  • Length: 1.5M 
  • Weight: 372g 
  • Elite End Width: 51mm 
  • Push Fit End Width: 44mm
  • Material: Carbon Fibre Hybrid


1 x Tapered Rigid Pole.

Transforming your push fit gutter cleaning poles to be compatible with the skyVac® Elite end tools.

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