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Half Lance : Trigger and Gun
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Trigger component of a pressure washing lance



This gun and trigger component of a lance pressure washer allows for a range of attachments to be used (such as the variable front available to purchase separately). Makes for high powered cleaning equipment and allows for precise cleaning.

It is suitable for use on a range of external surfaces such as patio steps, dwarf walls, and kerb sides on both commercial and domestic properties.

Key Features:

  • High powered cleaning
  • Trigger/gun component only
  • Maximum pressure of 3200 psi/ 220 bar
More Information
  • Maximum Pressure: 3200 psi / 220 bar
  • Maximum Delivery Rate: 25lpm
  • Maximum Temperature: 60°C
  • Weight: 600g
  • Connection: Male 22mm (inlet)
  • 1 x Half Lance: Trigger and Gun

Attaching to front components for precise pressure washer cleaning

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