Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

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Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator
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  • TAKE THE GUESSWORK OUT OF PRICING UP PROJECTS: This downloadable spreadsheet is easy to use and can be customised to suit your pricing structure. Whether you're quoting a large block paved driveway, or an ornate sandstone patio - get fast answers, for quick customer quotes.


Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator.

Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator. Pricing pressure washer projects can be a complex and time-consuming process.

With patios and driveways coming in all different shapes, sizes, and finishes, it can be a real challenge to set out an easy pricing structure.

This is where the Spinaclean calculator comes in.

This calculator provides a simple framework, customised to suit each project. Work out quotes in minutes for block paved driveways, garden patios and more.

If the home's covered in weeds, add a % uplift, or part of a total home makeover, apply a % decrease.

Having a clear pricing structure helps keeping on top of quotes and ensures all projects are priced correctly.


  • Excel Spreadsheet – with 2021 UK Pressure Washer Benchmark pricing pre-populated.
  • Customise the per metre squared charges to suit your pressure washer rates. (wash only / Wash and Sand / Reseal).
  • Apply a % increase / decrease to projects – ideal for establishing pricing based on condition that patio based / type of surface material / difficult stains to remove.
  • Quick and easy to use and a great way to ensure “standard business rates” across all your pressure washing projects.
  • Compatible with MS office for Mac or PC.


Which Pressure Washer is right for you?


Simply download the file (from the link on the order confirmation) and review the pricing in the file and adapt to suit your needs.  


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  • Document Type: Microsoft Excel Workbook compatible with MS Office on Mac or PC. 
  • 1 x Paving Cleaning Area & Cost Calculator (Microsoft Excel Workbook)
  • Instant price calculations
  • Adding discounts or uplifts to pricing estimates
  • Accounting for variables in Paving Cleaning jobs, such as sealants etc
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