What is Airflow?

What is Airflow?

Buying a gutter vacuum system can be an overwhelming process. How do the specifications translate into the vacuum’s performance on the job? It might seem like an obvious choice to look at the Wattage of the vacuum first.

However, Wattage is only an indicator of power, not the defining factor for a powerful vacuum. The most influential factor for fast gutter cleaning is the vacuum’s Airflow.


Why is High Airflow Important in Gutter Vacuums?

Airflow is typically measured in LPM (Litres Per Minute) but alternatively, can be referred to in Cubic Feet per Minute (ft3/m), CFM. When it comes to gutter clearance, Airflow is the most vital and influential factor to clear gutters quicker! For sucking up lighter debris, you need a higher LPM Airflow to create speed and efficiency. Several factors can impact the Airflow of Gutter Vacuums.

To name a few:

  • A dirty and clogged filtration system causes resistance.
  • By only activating 1 motor from a multiple motor headed vacuum
  • Narrow bends and other obstructions cause resistance in the suction hose or poles.

The Airflow rate indicates the amount of air the motor(s) can move through the vacuum system. A high Airflow rate indicates that the system can transport a larger volume of air containing dust and debris into the vacuum drum.

Note: A triple motor vacuum will give you more LPM than a single motor.



What is Waterlift?

Waterlift is a measure taken at the end of the vacuum pipe to determine the suction strength- just like holding your hand over the end of the suction pole and pulling it off again after feeling the resistance. Water Lift helps you pull and hold tufts of heavy grass out of gutters and downpipes. The higher the Inch Waterlift, the more vacuum grip you’ll have on those heavy grass tufts.

Note: A single motor vacuum will have the same Waterlift as a triple motor.

How do Water Lift and Airflow Work Together?

It is impossible to produce high levels of Airflow and Water Lift simultaneously- there is always a compromise. Most commercial gutter vacs are engineered to have the perfect balance of the two. However, when Airflow is prioritised and has a higher rating, the Water Lift would be “compromised” to compensate.

skyVac Systems:

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The Nitro is our highest-powered gutter vacuum yet! Engineered for maximum Airflow, this vacuum delivers on the promise with a groundbreaking 13,900 LPM Airflow and 112” Water Lift.

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