No Limits Package Professional Exterior Cleaning Set Up

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The No Limits Package includes the skyVac® Interceptor, a very powerful gutter cleaning machine and one of our bestselling pavement cleaning machines, making the ideal combination to suit all your external cleaning needs.

Save a massive £1,290 including VAT on items purchased individually! 





The No Limits Package includes skyVac® Interceptor, a very powerful gutter cleaning machine and one of our best selling paviement cleaning machines, making the ideal combination to suit all your external cleaning needs.


skyVac® Interceptor 8 Pole / 12m Reach:

Sitting on a robust all terrain multi directional trolley, the skyVac® Interceptor features an on-board power plant making it completely independent of any electrical supply requirements. The Worldwide compliant Honda Engine, with its sleek design enables you to access areas on a project, which are usually inaccessible.  

With an extremely powerful vacuum capacity, this unique system will lift and remove the heaviest of waste matter from gutters up to 40ft from the ground, with the added addition of a blow feature to aid cleaning and self-un-blocking.


  • Tipping drum for easy emptying
  • Robust all terrain trolley with locking wheel castors
  • Side load vortex vacuum port entrance
  • Drain Hose
  • Sieve Drainage Basket (Optional)
  • Key Start (Optional)

Please note, the SkyVac Interceptor is for external use only.

Power through large patios, driveways and a variety of other surface areas with our reliable Honda GX390 engine and 24” Surface Cleaner, made to handle any cleaning task.

SlipStream Pro 21GT with 24" Surface Cleaner

  • Automatic speed control: when the trigger is released the revs drop saving fuel & preventing chances of over-heating & wear and tear
  • 13HP GX390 Honda Petrol Engine
  • On-board power hose reel with 20 Metres of Power Hose included as standard
  • High water flow pressure of 20 litres per minute
  • Shock absorbing buffers, front and rear
  • Parking Brake
  • Pressure regulator valve
  • Suction hose for maximum water flow performance
  • Large exhaust protection cover

Cleaning coverage for a typical day

  •  Block Paving: 400 sqm
  •  Paving Slabs: 500 sqm
  •  Concrete: 600 sqm


Recordable Camera & Monitor Kit:

Our System has been specifically designed to work Outdoors in harsh environments:


More Information

skyVac® Interceptor 8 Pole / 12m Reach:

  • 5.5hp Honda Engine (Equivalent Wattage 3600 watts)
  • Water Lift: 155”
  • Air Flow Movement: 8

skyVac® Interceptor 8 Pole / 12m Reach:

  • skyVac® Interceptor
  • skyVac® Elite Suction Poles (your choice)
  • 1 x skyVac® Vac Release Pole (as part of pole package)
  • Carbon Fibre Tool Holder
  • 5 x End Tools
  • 6m Flexi Hose (50mm diameter)
  • Suction Pole Carry Bag
Optional Extras:
Sieve Basket: For collecting sediment and collecting water 
SkyCam Wireless Camera: View out of reach gutters and high level areas with SkyCam
  • Robust Construction
  • Water Proof Monitor and Camera ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Rubberized Drop Proof Protective Jacket ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • Unique Zoom Facility ← exclusive to SkyCam™
  • On-Board Recording
  • New Charging Facility Allows You To Charge Both Monitor and Camera Simultaneously
  • Easy User Large Operational Buttons
Telescopic Ramps: Telescopic ramps will have you set up and packing away in no time. With an adjustable length and sturdy grip surface

skyVac® Interceptor 8 Pole / 12m Reach:

For gutter cleaning within large commercial environments, up to four storeys high, especially where electrically is not easily accessible.


SlipStream Pro 21GT with 24" Surface Cleaner:

  • Block paving/concrete/flagstone/tarmac/pattern imprinted concrete
  • Decking
  • Car parks
  • Garden features
  • Garden furniture
  • Dwarf walls
  • Cars/vans/lorries/trailers/motorbikes
  • Shopping/leisure centres
  • Industrial estates


Recordable Camera & Monitor Kit:

Inspecting gutters/high level areas before cleaning

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