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Pro 20 Turbo Lance Accessory

The Slip Stream Pro 20 Turbo Lance for cleaning patio steps/dwarf walls/kerb sides and spot-checking.

As the water exits the Turbo Nozzle it rotates to create a 4” cone shape cleaning pattern for bullet sharp cleaning (Highly Recommended)   

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Lightweight Turbo nozzle for comfortable cleaning 

  • Slip Stream Pro 20 Turbo Lance (Complete Assembly)
  • 250 Bar Rated Pressure
  • 80 Bar Minimum Working Pressure
  • 6-29 Lpm Working Flow
  • 100 degrees Maximum Temperature
  • 22mm Male Connection on Trigger
  • Length 700mm
  • Patio Steps
  • Kerb Sides
  • Dwarf walls
  • Spot Checking
  • Removing Dead Weeds from Block Paving
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