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The brand new, extremely versatile QLEEN PURACLEAN Pure Water Systems incorporates the latest technology to effortlessly clean windows, roofs and solar panels up to 21 metres, all from the safety of the ground, ensuring long-lasting and streak-free results.

Harnessing the cleansing properties of “Pure Water” the environmentally friendly system features a unique modular design for high mobility and reach, covering larger areas faster than traditional cleaning processes.

Reference: 17042



Pure Water exactly where you need it: The unique PURAQLEEN stations transform regular tap water into constant “Pure” water using a filtration substrate which absorbs impurities.

Based on Lehmann’s proven PURAQLEEN technology, the fully mobile QLEEN stations are available in a choice of sizes to suit the most challenging of high level cleaning tasks. For ease of use, the stations feature remote control technology and can be easily transported by car or trailers. For larger projects, the PURAQLEEN stations can also be connected and configured for remote use by the sole operator.

Professional cleaning results from the safety of the ground: A reach up of up to 21 metres can be achieved using the interconnecting QLEEN poles (sold separately) dependant of the angle of the roof and the operating distance. Each pole is made using ultra lightweight carbon fibre materials (CARBONPOLE 160 cm) or aluminium alloy (TITANPOLE 163 cm) and can be securely interconnected to achieve the desired height. Power and water feeds are held securely in place with Velcro fasteners.

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Weight: 35kg

Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 110cm (L x W x H)

Delivery Scope: PURAQLEEN 25

  • PURAQLEEN Base Station

Cleaning glass facades and solar panels thoroughly and without streaks 

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