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Purastart Mini Complete Set

Suitable for cleaning:

Occasional cleaning of small to medium sized surfaces on domestic buildings, where there is access to a water supply

Who is this suitable for?

Sole Traders, small cleaning companies and Window Cleaners. For safe, and efficient window cleaning up to 5.4 metres from the safety of the ground

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Key Features and Benefits…

All QLEEN systems use tried and trusted PURAQLEEN water treatment technology, which removes all impurities from normal tap water, transforming it instantly into lime-free pure water. Using pure water ensures long lasting cleanliness and protection against resoling. Pure water is permanently created in the filters of this compact system. Once connected to a tap, the water runs through a filtering substrate effectively absorbing the minerals. The result is pure water which provides excellent cleaning.

Easy to transport: Lightweight and with its own carrying handle, the Purastart Mini package has been designed especially with the user in mind. The compact system allows users to clean windows up to 5.4 metres from the safety ground in previously inaccessible areas

Speed: 3x faster than traditional cleaning methods   

Durable: Comes as standard with an extremely robust telescopic cleaning pole and hard wearing window brush for streak free glass cleaning

  • Qleen Purastart Mini Base Station (TDS metre including mixed resin, built in)
  • Telescopic Hybrid Pole with 4 segments
  • Window Cleaning Brush
  • Adapter for Qleen brushes
  • Single Hose

Complete Set - Weight: 17kg

Base station dimensions: 38 x 38 x 110cm (L x W x H)

Window Cleaning Brush: 27cm

Delivery scope: PURAQLEEN 12.5 l filter bottle with mixed-bed resin, bottle head with TDS meter and carrying handle, 12.5 m flexible hose, Telescopic HYBRIDPOLE 540 cm (4 segments, 4 hose clips), adapter for QLEEN brushes, cranked alu joint, angle brush for glazing (white, 27 cm)

Small to medium glass surfaces including glass facades, roofing’s and solar panels

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