Seal-a-Block Easy Sealer for sandstone, block paving & concrete

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Seal-a-Block Easy Sealer Sealant
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  • EASY SEALANT: Cover up to 40 sqaure metres, for a natural matte finish. Seal A Block provides a barrier to contaminants such as oil, petrol, food stains and more common chemicals.


Seal A Block Easy Sealant. 

  • Acrylic and Polyurethane based sealers with elastomers produce a hard yet flexible clear films. They are non-yellowing and contain a UV absorber to improve protection from ultraviolet light.
  • Provides a barrier to contaminants such as oil, petrol, diesel, alkalis, food staining and most common chemicals.
  • Increase the abrasion resistance of the surface and also penetrate the jointing sand thus stabilising the joints and preventing the infestation of weeds, moss, lichen, algae and burrowing insects such as ants.


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More Information
Seal A Block can provide:
  • 2 coats for a soft sheen 30 Litres per 40 square metres
  • Pointed up patios 20 Litres - coverage 60-80 square metres.
  • Block paving 20 Litres will cover 40 square metres for a natural matte finish
  • 20 Litres of Seal A Block.

Ideal for: Sandstone, Concrete Paving Slabs, Clay Pavers, Concrete Tegula Blocks, Floated Concrete, Concrete Block Paving.

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