EU Threaded Angle Adaptor skyScraper brush / Elite Multi Tool

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Angle Adaptor for Elite Multi Tool Connector
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Angle Adaptor for Elite Multi-Tool Connector.

Expand your cleaning services into new high-reach services and get the right working angle with the EU Angle Adaptor.


Attach the skyScraper® wire roof cleaning brush to a high-reach pole such as the telescopic inspection pole. 

Customise the angle to achieve the best results and remove those pesky moss bobble with ease. 

Transform your high reach suction poles into a roof cleaning business.  The skyVac® Elite and skyVac® Clamped pole system is so much more than high access suction pole.  Simply insert the skyVac®Elite Multi Connector into the top suction pole and attach the skyScraper® Head & Blade Roof Moss removal system into the angle adaptor.  Get scraping and get earning.


Having scraped the roof and cleaned the gutters, why not give the underside of the gutters and facias a bit of a makeover. Attach a window cleaning brush to the skyVac®Elite Multi Connector and insert into the clamped suction poles.  


More Information

Angled adaptor with EU thread.


  • 1 x Angle Adaptor (EU)


Roof Cleaning. 

Cleaning fascia, soffits and windows when screwed into the Elite Multi Connector and Fascia or Window Cleaning Brush. 

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