Curved Ducting Brush Internal High Level Vacuuming

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Friction Fit Curved Ventilation Brush
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Available in three sizes, these arc-shaped brushes are designed to remove dust from around pipes and ducting. Simply slot into the appropriate angled tool holder and onto your high reach pole to tackle the high level project. 

Select required size 12" (Coming soon), 24" and 48" from the drop down. 



Getting rid of dust and debris that builds up on the top and around the edges of pipework can be a challenge.  

These arc-shaped brushes are engineered to tackle dirt build up on 12”, 24” and 48” pipework.  The curved edge features a row of stiff bristles that fit perfectly around the ducting.  Simply customise the working angle of the head, insert into the correct angled tool holder, and elevate to the working height on top of high reach poles.

Once applied to the pipe work, the patented neck adjuster, allows the brush to pivot around the surface.  For a faster and more efficient clean, the operator can work around the ducting all from the safety of the ground. Ideal for clearing dust and debris from on the top, around the edges and underneath  without having to change position or adjusting the pole set up.

Listing is for 1 x Brush.  Select required size from the drop down menu. 

Key Features:

  • Available in three sizes. 12”, 24” and 48”
  • Arched, with a row of stiff bristles on either side of the head.
  • Fully customisable head angle for 360 degrees working, tighten in place for secure working at height
  • Push fit attachment, works with the internal necks angles
  • 35mm diameter neck opening. 

12" - Currently waiting on stock, coming soon. 

To find out Why High-Level Cleaning is so Important, then read our blog.

More Information

(For 12" Ducts) 215mm from end to end - Weight: 300g  Coming Soon 

(For 24" Ducts) 360mm from end to end - Weight: 376g 

(For 48" Ducts) 375mm from end to end - Weight: 374g 

Material: Plastic

Nylon Bristles 

35mm Neck opening – fits into the tapered end of the angled Internal Tool Holder. 


1 x Curved brush 

High level cleaning dust from pipes and ducting.

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