skyVac™ Elite Pole Set with Gutter Clearing End Tools

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Elite Carbon Fibre Pole Set
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With the lightest weight to size ratio on gutter cleaning market, the skyVac™ Elite all-in-one clamped carbon fibre poles make light work of working at height.  Available up to 40ft* reach, the set includes the innovative Vac Release Pole with twist cuff to control suction; rigid neck tool holder, 4 end tools and skyVac™ branded carry bag along with ultra-strong 1.5M poles.  

skyVac™ Elite Poles for the skyVac™ Industrial 85 and Interceptor.

SkyVac Elite Poles Patent PENDING: Application No: GB1713830.6
Our carbon pole sections are three times lighter than equivalent aluminium pole sections making them feel much lighter. This weight saving converts into greater manoeuvrability and less operator & muscle fatigue. Package now comes with our NEW Vac Release Pole, simply twist the cuff to cut the vacuum suction and see the turf safely fall to ground, a massive productivity gain.
  • Safe: Poles are joined together using a parallel joint and quick release clamp
  • Efficient: Clamp mechanism is fully adjustable and super quick to release
  • Economical: No external component parts used

More Information
Per Pole: 
  • 1.5 metres long
  • 50mm diameter
  • Weight 295 grams
  • Elite carbon fibre poles
  • Ideal for high reach gutter cleaning or inspection.
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