Can your filter breathe?

Can your filter breathe?

Has your vacuum started to lose suction power? Is it taking longer than usual to complete gutter projects?

If your answer is yes, it might be time to check your filters!

Keeping your skyVac gutter vacuum filter in “box-fresh” condition is vital, as it protects the vacuum motor from damage caused by rogue dust particles. 

Additionally, a clogged, wet filter causes restricted airflow, and your vacuum must work harder while also suffering from reduced suction performance. Loss of suction means you spend longer on each job, completing fewer projects in a day and generating less profit.

Therefore, cleaning your filter after every use will maximise efficiency- and your earnings!


To clean your filter, follow the steps below:

1.      Remove excess dirt from the sides of the filter with a stiff brush

2.      If the filter is filthy, wash it with a domestic hose on the spray-jet attachment

3.      Brush around the air intake section of the vacuum head


Check For Filter Damage

In some cases, your filter may be worn and damaged. Keep an eye out for damage to your filter, as this lets dirt and grit into the system and causes further damage to the motor. In this situation, you could have to pay for a costly repair, leaving you temporarily without a gutter vacuum and unable to work. We advise changing your filter every four to six months to prevent this from happening.


To keep your skyVac running in tip-top condition, remember to:

1.        Start each project with a CLEAN and completely DRY filter

2.        Check your Filter for damage

3.       Replace your filter every 4-6 months


Buy replacement filters for your skyVac Gutter Vacuum here.


Spend a little time and money now to save a lot of time and money down the line!