From the Burj Khalifa to the Blackpool Tower Spinaclean really do get around

Andrew also carries out gutter cleaning, however, in recent times it has become uncomfortable using a ladder. With this in mind, Andrew started to search the internet to find a machine that cleans gutters from the safety of the ground and came across several companies.  One of which he contacted said that they would call him back, but never did.  He chased them and guess what they said … “we were just about to call you!” He tried to organise a demonstration and after many more frustrating phone calls, they eventually turned up to carry out the demonstration.  Andrew felt the machine was ‘OK’ but felt it lacked that little bit of something extra.  This combined with the apprehension he felt, i.e. this company would not offer the back-up and support he might require should something go wrong, lead him not to purchase and decided to shelve the project.

One year later the gutter cleaning project re-ignited in Andrew’s head after a refreshed search of the internet, he came across Spinaclean’s SkyVac. He contacted the office and a demonstration date was set.

Paul Crosbie carried out the demonstration and Andrew was sold on the SkyVac pointing out “that it had that little bit of something special”  like the blockage free side entry,  the air flow control lever, the all terrain chassis,  the super lightweight carbon fibre suction poles and to boot, the worlds most powerful gutter cleaning machine.  With the comfortable feeling that doing business with Spinaclean, a deal was struck and Andrew took delivery of his SkyVac straight off the back of the Spinaclean van.

Paul could not leave Blackpool without visiting the Blackpool Tower as only a year previous he had visited Dubai to promote SkyVac for high level vacuuming to a company called Alberique .  And of course just like the Blackpool Tower, Paul could not leave Dubai without visiting the Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest building.

Andrew understands the need to offer his clients an exceptional service, so if you live in his local area and need a reliable car valeting, driveway/patio cleaning, caravan, carpet, conservatory cleaning and now a gutter cleaning service – you can contact Andrew on  01253 714169 07778 304785.