Gutter Cleaning – Are you Missing a Trick?

Gutter Cleaning – Are you Missing a Trick?

Today, we're excited to introduce you to a new blog series that will be written by our Business Development Manager, Richard Marshall. In this series, Richard will be sharing his thoughts and insights on the world of exterior cleaning. He has written the blog as 'The Nosey Neighbour' who caught a couple of exterior cleaners undergoing some work on his neighbour’s home.

During his observation, he took note of what they were doing and made some suggestions on what they could do differently to improve their business. We're thrilled to have Richard share his personal experience and expertise with you in his own words. So, let's dive into Richard's first blog post and see what he has to say!

“I was at home watching the Cheltenham Festival as the horses were parading, just hoping that I placed my fiver on the right horse when I heard a familiar noise from next door. On checking, my suspicions were confirmed, my neighbour was having his gutters cleaned with a gutter vacuum cleaning system.

I hadn’t seen this system before which I won’t comment on as this would be unprofessional; our products speak for themselves! What I will comment on is my observations as to how the firm presented themselves, what I used to do and how they could have generated more business!”

I admit it, I was that nosey neighbour, but I did have a genuine interest in what the two lads were doing as I was in the gutter cleaning business, but more importantly it’s human nature! My first observation was, who were they? Their Ford transit van was on my neighbour’s drive but it wasn’t sign written, they also didn’t have a uniform with a company logo, so I had no way of identifying who they were or their contact details.

As a nation the British are generally reserved, we don’t like to ask questions or make a fuss. As a nosey neighbour and potential customer, I could have been interested in having my gutters cleaned, I watched the lads do the job and then left. The two seemed conscientious and hardworking and could have done the best job ever, but how do I know how to book them so I can get my gutters cleaned?”    

Promote Your Gutter Cleaning Business

“Let’s cut to the chase, what would I have done differently? Here are some suggestions that worked for me in promoting and gaining more business when we carried out gutter cleaning at properties.  You may be using some of these measures but hopefully, there’s a tip or two which may help you to promote your business and generate further inquiries.”

A Few Tips

  • Promote your business – Make sure your van is sign written, your staff have uniform plus business cards with all the company details. Hi-Vis Vests really stand out and look professional.
  • Look the Part – Be smart in your appearance and professional in your demeanour. Inform your team that smoking on the job or being on the phone is not professional. Remind your team about CCTV, you never know who could be watching or recording!
  •      Introduce yourself to neighbours – Knock on the door of neighbours whilst you are working, let them know what you’re doing and if you can be of assistance, this works well, especially for terraced houses, use pictures from one of our Inspection cameras to show neighbours before and after pictures and the condition of their gutters. You may want to offer a same day discount; people love a bargain plus it saves on fuel and time coming out to quote!
  •           5 Around Cards – Deliver these to the neighbours once the work is completed - either side and the 3 houses opposite. Neighbours chat to each other over the fence, it’s an opportunity so take advantage!
  •      Quote Cards – Once the work is completed give the customer a quote card. If you offer other services such as UPVC cleaning why not provide the customer a quote whilst there? Again, it saves you time, money and potentially more business.
  •      Invoice & Follow Up – E mail your invoice but remind them to book in 12 months’ time

“And if you’re wondering, my horse is still running!

We hope these tips helped, if you have any other suggestions or ideas to create interest and leads whilst gutter cleaning then let us know, we would love to hear about them!  

We’re also going to start a breakfast club and online forum so we can help start-up businesses, share tips, and help with any problems you may have. Please contact me if you would like to join or chat.

We’re to help and support your business!”