Gutter Inspection cameras: Make gutter cleaning easier

Gutter Inspection cameras: Make gutter cleaning easier


Adding a gutter inspection system to your gutter cleaning equipment is a smart way to take the guesswork out of roof inspections.  It’s a quick and easy way to get “eyes on”, but it’s also a smart business investment and we’ll explain why.


What are the benefits of having a Camera Inspection systems? 


No need for ladders, scissor lifts or time-consuming risk assessments.  Attach the digital inspection camera to a telescopic pole and be “up close” to the area of concern, in a matter of minutes… all from the safety of the ground. 


A pre-site inspection lets you know what is really “growing on” in the gutters. This ensures that you have the right tools and equipment on standby, as well as allocating the right amount of time in your schedule for the clearance.

Use, hands free, attach your camera head to your suction poles whilst vacuuming, to monitor your progress and ensure nothing gets left behind. 

Once complete, a quick tour of the customers newly cleaned pipes will give them, as well as you the confidence and reassurance of a job well done. 

It takes the “unknown and unseen” out of quotes making sure you price based on what’s lurking up above.  A well concealed, deep rooted gutter snake or blocked down pipe could take longer than you anticipated, eating into your schedule and… your pocket! 


An all round “Wingman” to your gutter vacuum equipment, this system can:

1) Win New business.  

2) Offer an additional chargeable service such as property inspections for estate agents. 

3) Provide images to be used on your social media, advertising or attaching to customer quotations. 


So, the question isn’t why do you need a gutter inspection system... but, which is the right roof survey camera for your business! 


Spinaclean Gutter Inspection systems:

Specifically designed for gutter inspection on domestic and commercial properties, our range of digital cameras. feature large LCD monitor screens, pair instantly (no hanging around waiting for a signal) and have a minimum operating range of 50m.  Engineered for outdoor use, with “glove friendly” buttons for those colder days, a sunshade, for those brighter days, and can withstand a light shower, for those guaranteed rainy days.   With camera mounted LEDs, even those dark corners and overhead crevices are easy to peer into.  

There’s no wires, no messing around with Wifi and passwords… Simply switch on, feather up and look in.  


skyVac Real Time System:

For live, on the job, gutter viewing, the skyVac® Real time system with its 4.3” LCD screen, puts you and your customers in the picture.  This non recordable option is ideal for pre site inspections, monitoring progress and for post site check-ups. No need for wi fi, apps or internet to use the camera system.

Simply turn on, and see 'Live' high-quality images of high-level projects - all from the safety of the ground.


skyVac® Recordable System:

Has the same wide range of features as the skyVac® Real time, a great live action view, but the skyVac® Recordable roof inspection camera also captures photos and videos.  So, you can shoot and share your gutter inspections and clearances, capturing those all-important before and after images on the video inspection camera.  Simply transfer images from your monitor to your mobile or desktop, then upload to your socials, or attach to your invoices.  Job done. 

Easily usable, even when the weather isn't quite on your side, with the Camera mounted LED lights with 2M range. The lightweight and slimline design, means you can take the camera and monitor anywhere, easily. Simple to use, with a “Real Time” mode for viewing and capturing images, along with a “Playback” mode to review footage on screen, this recordable system is a great addition to your gutter cleaning equipment. 


SurveyCam Inspection System: 

With a large 5”HD screen, and a secure and encrypted high speed picture transmission, up to a distance of 100 metres, the surveyCam® inspection system really gets you to where you need to see clearly.  The enhanced viewing, picture and video quality, gives you the confidence and reassurance to make those important decisions based on what you can see and share. An oversized, detachable sunshade is like having an onsite viewing booth, so come rain or shine, the HD screen experience isn’t compromised by the elements. With the 3x zoom function, you are able to focus on small gutter debris, with pinpoint accuracy.

Impress your clients, with before, during and after videos of gutter inspections, on a secure connection.

With additional extras, such as a handy telescopic handgrip for the monitor, and hard photographic case for storage, the surveyCam® system offers the professional gutter clearance specialist, the ultimate gutter inspection system. 

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