The Benefits of High-Level Inspection

The Benefits of High-Level Inspection

Are you ready to take your cleaning business to the next level? By adding a high-level inspection system to your high-level cleaning toolbox, the sky's the limit! With the latest technology, this system provides a “bird’s eye” view of what's causing the problem, removing guesswork from the equation completely. 


Not only does high-level inspection make your job more efficient, but by identifying the problem upfront you save time by approaching the job with the right tools. 

The camera can be attached to your suction poles whilst vacuuming to monitor progress and ensure nothing gets left behind. Once you’ve completed the job, use the camera to give the customer a tour of their cleaned areas, giving them confidence in your work.


Providing images and video footage of your cleaning jobs is a fantastic way to market your business on social media and increase your business opportunities. A high-level inspection cam also allows you to add more chargeable services to your business, including property inspections for estate agents.


And let's not forget about safety. The High-Level Inspection Camera Systems remove the need for high-access equipment and complex risk assessments, making it a safer alternative for you and your team. All that’s required to get a “close up” of the problem area from the safety of the ground is to attach the digital inspection camera to the telescopic pole.

The Benefits of Spinaclean’s Plug ‘n’ Play Gutter Inspection Systems

Our digital cameras are engineered for outdoor use with glove-friendly buttons and a sunshade. It is also able to withstand a light shower. Featuring large LCD monitor screens that pair instantly and a minimum operating range of 50m, you can see every angle of your clean in seconds.

skyVac Real Time System

This non-recordable option is ideal for live and on-the-job viewing. Featuring a 4.3” LCD screen, turn on and see ‘live’ high-quality images from the safety of the ground.

skyVac Recordable System

The Recordable system has all the benefits of the Real-Time system, with the bonus of a recordable feature. Shoot before and after shots, transfer them from the monitor to your mobile or laptop, upload them to your socials, or attach them to your invoices.

The camera has 2m range LED lights, perfect for rainy days. This system is a fantastic addition to your equipment. It is simple and easy to use, with a Real-Time mode for easy viewing and a playback mode for review footage.

SurveyCam Inspection System

But that's not all! With the elite inspection system lets you impress clients with progress images from start to finish. The large 5” HD screen and a secure and encrypted high-speed picture transmission of up to 100m for an easy, close-up view of the problem area.

The HD screen experienced is unhindered by changeable weather with the oversized and detachable sunshade. It can also zoom up to 3x, so you have pinpoint accuracy and focus on smaller debris.

Additional extras are available with this system, including a telescopic handgrip for the monitor and a hard photographic case for storage.

So, what are you waiting for? Add a high-level inspection system to your toolkit today and take your cleaning business to new heights!