Spinaclean Hire

Spinaclean Hire

Did you know Spinaclean’s specialist machines are available to hire? 

Whether you're after a gutter vacuum, a powerful high-level internal vacuum, a pressure washer or an inspection camera set, make it simple by hiring from Spinaclean.

Benefits of Hiring

Try before you Buy! We think our innovative systems offer great value for money, but we also know that investing in your business can be pricey.  If you want to add a new machine to your arsenal, then it pays to take it out for a test run before buying it. This will give you full assurance that the machine is well suited to the way you work AND the services you offer your customers.

Storage: If you're concerned you don't have quite enough storage space for new equipment, hiring for a short period can help you deliver services without taking up room in your own home!

One-off jobs: If you have an upcoming cleaning project that's more demanding, or even a bit of a pivot from your everyday work, then why not HIRE the right machine for the job? With Spinaclean Hire, you can hire one of our systems at a weekly rate or for just 1-3 days! And with the right system, you can be confident you're delivering the great services your customers want.

Head over to Spinaclean Hire to explore the range of systems available!

Hire the latest model: Everyone wants the latest gadgets, and cleaning equipment for your business is no different. When you hire from us, you can rest assured you're getting the best model for a great price.

Ideal for home maintenance: Homeowners looking to get their hands dirty and get their gutters flowing again will find hiring a skyVac makes fast work of the job. The Mighty Atom starts at just £175 for up to three days or £205 for a week!

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