What Do You Do When You’re Rained Off?

What Do You Do When You’re Rained Off?

What do you do when you’re Rained Off?

Having an external cleaning business, we are all reliant on the weather. Roof or gutter cleaning in heavy rain is not the best idea - especially when using electricity! We all have schedules to meet and bills to pay, but safety comes first, so occasionally, we are rained off!

So, what do you do when the rain stops play? Go to the pub, have a day in front of the TV, or catch up on the shopping?

My advice is to use this time to work on the business! We all want our business to grow, so use this rare downtime to your benefit. Remember, always turn a Negative into a Positive!

Here is what I did when I was running my own business:


  1. Prepare Email marketing campaigns to reach out to your customers.
  2. Create Newsletters or Blogs for my website.
  3. Schedule Social Media Posts or Videos for the Week.
  4. Google Adwords – Review and create campaigns.
  5. Update my website – Google loves regular content, which helps with your ratings.

Paperwork & Maintenance

  1. Submit any outstanding Quotes or Invoices.
  2. Create or update email templates for customers. 
  3. Clean and service your equipment.
  4. Check and clean your vehicles.
  5. Carry out any outstanding Maintenance.

I would also keep a list of those little things I needed to do when I had time. Therefore, when we did get rained off, I knew my team would have plenty to get on with!

Also, do a bit of Networking. I would pop to Greggs for a few doughnuts and cakes, then visit my letting agent clients with my team for a cuppa and a chat. These visits were always gratefully received and would ensure you were at the top of the list when those jobs came in!

But don’t forget your team! When these rainy days happen, it doesn’t hurt to treat them to breakfast or a quick pint once you’ve completed those outstanding tasks. Remember, a Happy Team is a Productive Team!

Not sure how to go about sorting out your marketing? That’s no excuse! Book in to one of our training sessions for expert guidance and advice on completing your cleaning projects quickly and efficiently, as well as promoting your business to win clients!

So don’t be a couch potato. Get up and be proactive- the work is there if you want it!  

-Richard Marshall