Surveycam, the complete solution to high level inspection

Surveycam, the complete solution to high level inspection

Introducing Surveycam, a professional high reach camera, monitor and pole system for high level and aerial asset inspection all from the safety of the ground. Designed for ease of use by a sole operator, Surveycam is fully remote and can be set up and capturing high quality imagery and video up to 50ft / five stories, in under five minutes. With no need for expensive, time-consuming and subject to risk assessment, high access equipment such as ladders, scaffolding and cherry pickers or subject to drone flight restrictions and training costs, Surveycam offers a complete, high quality and efficient solution to aerial asset inspection.

The high reach inspection system comprises of an HD Camera with LED lights, 5” Full HD monitor, along with (sold separately) a high-grade carbon fibre telescopic pole. A complete high level inspection system, Surveycam would prove an invaluable asset to many industries such as commercial and domestic roof and building surveyors, solar installers, insurance loss adjusters and estate agents to highlight just a few.

High Spec 5” Monitor:

Surveycam features a 5" HD full colour LCD screen. Ideal for viewing, capturing and sharing, via smart phone, Micro SD card or USB port, high quality images and full HD video complete with zoom facility and date and time indicator. Always outdoor ready, Surveycam™ is housed in a shock and shower proof casing complete with detachable sun visor to prevent sun glare. A handy selfie stick mount makes the monitor easy to use and manoeuvre. Encrypted for added protection and with an operating range of 60M+, Surveycam is ideal for projects and industries requiring additional security.

Detachable HD camera:

Surveycam HD camera delivers clear high-quality images and HD video, even in reduced lighting conditions, thanks to white LED mounted lights, making ideal for close up work on dimly lit projects such as chimney or roof surveys. For ease, the HD camera features a quick release clamp to hold it securely in place on the lightweight telescopic carbon fibre pole, whilst an inbuilt rechargeable battery ensures the camera is always ready to go.   

Telescopic Pole: 

Made of maximum strength, higher modulus, 100% carbon fibre, the Surveycam telescopic pole is ultra-lightweight and available in two height (32ft / 50ft) options and can be quickly scaled up to the exact height required for close up inspection work. Collapsing down to a compact 6ft and portable 2.7kg, Surveycam™ camera pole comes in a fully lined canvas branded carry case.

Surveycam is versatile, compact, and requires minimal training but delivers clear quality imagery and is ideal for the following applications:


Property Maintenance & sales, Building Inspection:


  • Ideal for building inspectors, insurance surveyors, estate agents and pest control services.
    • External Roof, gutter, chimney and solar panel inspection
    • Internal Loft and attic space inspection
    • Aerial property photography for Estate Agents.

Transport & Highways:

  • Bridges, archways and underpass inspection
  • Aeroplane, bus and train inspection

Commercial Warehousing:

  • Warehousing, high level stock checking and inventory control

Security projects:

  • Military or law enforcement for high level property inspection


  • For wildlife conservation and monitoring.


Coming Spring 2021, Surveycam will be exclusively available at Spinaclean.  For more information visit and to register interest click here [email protected] .