Paul Crosbie’s top cleaning tips this spring

Paul Crosbie’s top cleaning tips this spring

Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, I love getting out in the open and making my outdoor areas look presentable for the summer. In preparation, here are my top five tips when cleaning patio and paving areas:

1)   Remove all your pot plants and garden furniture of your paving to prevent trip hazards and to give yourself plenty of space to work with your pressure washer

2)   If the paving is suffering with extensive weed growth it would be well worth while pre-treating with a weed killer to kill the weeds down to the root so they do not regrow when you blast them of the paving. An excellent weed killer is ‘Round Up’ especially purchased in sachets 1 sachet in 5 litres of water in a watering can goes a long way

3)   Having trouble cleaning dwarf walls and patio steps? A perfect addition to your pressure washer tools is a Turbo Lance. As the water exits the turbo nozzle it rotates creating a 4” cone perfect for rapid removal of algae and moss on garden features such as patio steps

4)   After cleaning block paving, always brush in fresh kiln dried sand. If not, the joints will remain open and attract air born seed particles which will settle and weeds will soon grow. The other advantage is it gives the paving that newly fresh laid look. One bag of sand will cover 50 square metres of cleaned block paving

5)   Lastly, removing oil stains can be a hard chore. Always pre-treat them with a degreasing agent to reduce the staining down as much as possible. You can purchase specialised remover from our JetStream website

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