Popular Peripherals

Popular Peripherals

Talking Popular Peripherals with Helen.

If you have talked to our team or visited our Showroom at HQ, you know we pride ourselves on our gutter vac and exterior cleaning expertise. And if there’s a tool or system you want- big and powerful or lightweight and mobile, chances are we have it!

However, finding the right tools is only half the battle. After all, accidents happen, and even the best equipment can sometimes suffer damage. So, we talked to our expert saleswoman, Helen, to get her view on the most popular peripherals she is always asked for. Over to Helen;

What sort of things are you ALWAYS being asked for?

Primarily, trolley bases: not the great big trolleys you see on the Nitro or Industrial 85, but the smaller, four-castor ones compatible with our smaller products, including our best-selling skyVac Mighty Atom.

I regularly get calls from our customers who’ve accidentally dropped their system and broken a wheel, or they’ve had the system for years and, while it’s still in fantastic condition, the wheels have become a bit rickety. Most customers don’t realise they can get replacement wheels quickly and cheaply- a new Mighty Atom Trolley costs less than £50!

Anything else?

As I mentioned, customers often call us after their machine has fallen from a height or taken a hit- and if their vacuum head has had the brunt of the damage, they worry that the whole head will need replacing.

However, that is not the case; most of the time, only small parts of the head need replacing. For example, the Three Switch Grey Cover for the Industrial 85 sits directly beneath the vacuum handle, and a replacement part is available for just over £20 and is easy to fit.

We also have the Blue Cover for the skyVac Commercial 75 Plus, Industrial 85, and Internal 78, so we can sort out vacuum damage quickly and at minimal cost.

What about other industries, like High Level Inspection?

We definitely get customer calls regarding their inspection cameras, but less about damaged equipment and more about lost parts.

For example, customers might find that in between inspections, they’ve lost the antenna for the camera monitor or the waterproof cover for the camera. These parts are needed and cost less than £10 each!

What’s your best advice for people to get the most out of their kit?

Honestly? Follow recommended maintenance advice. Clean your equipment, change your filters every six weeks, and bring your systems in for a service!

Whilst customers can buy required replacement parts and fit them themselves, we strongly advise that customers book their system in for a service with our mechanics in Northampton for a check-up.

Our trained specialists will look at all the vacuum components to ensure they are at their best. If additional work or replacement parts are needed, our team will call to discuss this with you so your vacuum is returned as good as new!