QLEEN: High Performance Solar and Window Cleaning

QLEEN: High Performance Solar and Window Cleaning

Spinaclean, the home of SkyVac, are delighted to introduce the QLEEN High Performance Solar and Glass cleaning equipment.  QLEEN, developed and manufactured by German glass cleaning specialists Lehmann, has been delivering professional cleaning results around the world for the past decade. 

With a choice of mobile PURAQLEEN filtration stations, lightweight high reach QLEEN Poles and an innovative array of brushes and accessories, the QLEEN system is the perfect solution for cleaning high reach Solar power units, glass and building facades all from the safety of the ground. 


Pure Water exactly where you need it: Mobile QLEEN stations are available in a choice of sizes to suit each task and location. They feature remote control technology for ease of use and are transportable by car or trailer etc. For larger projects, PURAQLEEN stations can be connected and configured for remote use by a sole operator.

Professional cleaning results from the safety of the ground. A reach up of to 20 m can be achieved using the interconnecting QLEEN poles, dependant of the angle of the roof and the operating distance. Each pole is made using ultra lightweight materials such as carbon fibre (CARBONPOLE 160 cm) or aluminium alloy (TITANPOLE 163 cm) and can be securely interconnected to achieve the desired height. Power and water feeds are held securely in place with Velcro fasteners.

Smart tools for smart results. QLEEN poles can be customised with the appropriate end tool to remove even the toughest of stains. Our cutting edge ROTAQLEEN is an electrically operated brush delivering exceptional cleaning results. Designed for optimum performance, the weighted brush head and rotating bristles glide efficiently across the surface, edges, and frames, delivering time and energy savings. Lehmann KG is proud to offer an assortment of brushes and tools to suit every cleaning requirement.

Come and find out what it’s all about at Solar Live: 17th-19th September Stand G32