SkyVac impresses at All Saints Church, Burton in Lonsdale

The initial external examination of the SkyVac concerned a severe down slope at the rear of the 19th century Grade 11 listed structure with a standard gutter running the length at 6 poles high. Ending with a large clump of embedded earth and grass in the corner having been avoided for years by previous gutter cleaners stationed on expensive cherry pickers or hazardous ladders because of the height and severity of the incline.

Needless to say following an evaluation of the situation the appropriate SkyVac end tool, the dirt breaker was selected and the clump was plucked from its long time habitat with ease.

The external end tools were then swapped over for the internal brush set and the SkyVac moved indoors. The equipment performed admirably removing the 150 year old dust and cobwebs within the high level internal depths of the Gothic structure, much to the satisfaction of those present.

A open chat over tea and coffee was then enjoyed with all in attendance in agreement about the qualities and virtues of the SkyVac system.

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