Spinaclean’s Business Opportunites: Much more than just training

Spinaclean’s Business Opportunites: Much more than just training

Since we first launched Spinaclean’s Business Opportunity Training Day, we have seen the hundreds of businesses flourish.  

Mark Cave Owner of Mr Clever Clean set up his business as a result of attending the Training day due to redundancy and has never looked back. Within 14 months, his client base grew at a rapid pace, resulting in expanding his business and employing further staff. From the very beginning, Mark adopted an integrated marketing approach taking ideas from Spinaclean’s Training Day and implementing them into his own business. 

Paul Crosbie, presenter and Spinaclean’s Sales Manager states, “We help take the uncertainty out of starting or growing a business by giving sole traders the right tools, products and expertise to make taking their next steps easier and less daunting.  

Finding your place in the market and building your reputation is so important, alongside providing a great service. We help sole traders grow a solid customer base through marketing training and revealing unique tricks of the trade.”

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