Spinaclean set to unveil brand new product range

Spinaclean set to unveil brand new product range

Spinaclean, are set to unveil a range of new commercial Window Cleaning equipment in the coming weeks.

Direct to the professional window cleaning industry, we are set to launch the highest quality, robust Water Fed Poles reaching heights up to 65ft (6 Storey’s high) With unique built in features to enhance the work experience, SkyVac Reach increases productivity and reduces downtime.

Features include no external tubing running along the pole, which could get caught on obtruding obstacles. The tubing is housed inside the pole feeding the head directly via the unique angle crank. To save valuable pure water a water shut off feature is located on the butt end of the pole. 

Paul Crosbie, Sales Manager and Trainer at Spinaclean quotes, “Based on customer feedback our innovation team are always working hard to improve our product range. We wanted a quality water fed pole to complement our SkyVac range and to offer a one stop shop for all your external cleaning equipment requirements.

“With this at the forefront of our mind the new SkyVac Reach Pole could not just be another telescopic water fed pole. With the built in innovative features this will enhance the working experience, increase productivity and reduce downtime. From January 2018 we look forward to presenting the all new SkyVac Reach Pole especially during our Training Days.”