Spinaclean Wrapped 2023

Spinaclean Wrapped 2023

Spinaclean Wrapped 2023


As we look back on 2023, we can't help but be thrilled about the incredible achievements we've made! It’s been a busy year for Spinaclean- we’ve launched products, attended exhibitions, and more!


Six New Products!

We launched six new game-changing products in 2023! From the new Safety Locking feature on the ATEX poles to the groundbreaking FloodVac, we continue to revolutionise the cleaning industry. Our latest products for 2023 are:


Our ATEX Anti-Static Suction Poles and Accessories feature a safety locking mechanism for maximum stability and control!





Perfect for upgrading from your push-fit pole system to a clamped pole system, making for a simpler assembly and providing greater stability when cleaning!





Profiled roof cleaning brushes to fit ten different roof tile profiles, with durable polypropylene bristles to dislodge stubborn roof moss within seconds.





Our most powerful gutter vacuum yet! The skyVac Nitro delivers a staggering 13,900 LPM Airflow and 112” Water Lift.





The SkyVac Commercial 75 Plus and the Industrial 85 now have Supercharged Motors for maximum Airflow and Water Lift!



Water extraction system for the Flood and Water Extraction Agency. With the option of a submersible pump.



Have you gotten your hands on any of this year’s innovative products?


Top 3 selling products of the year!


SKYVAC MIGHTY ATOM 4 PUSH FIT POLE PACKAGE: The “small but Mighty” Atom 4 Push Fit Pole Package is the perfect entry-level gutter cleaning machine for new business start-ups and expansions! The 4-pole package reaches up to 6m/20ft, making it ideal for projects at standard 2-storey properties!


SKYVAC INDUSTRIAL 85 8 ELITE POLE PACKAGEThe Industrial 85 is the ultimate gutter vacuum powered by a supercharged motor! With 12,000 LPM Airflow and 150” Water Lift, this vac can tackle the toughest gutter cleans! With 8 Elite Poles, you can reach up to 12m/40ft- perfect for taller projects up to 4 storeys!


SKYVAC MIGHTY ATOM 6 PUSH FIT POLE PACKAGEThe Mighty Atom 6 Push Fit Pole Package is perfect for getting more reach for your projects. This package reaches heights of 9m (30ft), allowing you to access gutters up to 3 storeys high from the safety of the ground.


91 Training Days


We held over 80 1-2-1 training days and group training events throughout the year, helping our customers develop their skills and expertise. Seeing so many of you visit us for training has been fantastic, and we wish you luck with your business ventures moving forward.


40 Product Demonstrations


New products aren't the only win of the year. Our team has hit the road 40 times this year to demonstrate our products to buyers off-site, reaching the four corners of the country! 


2 Expos


Spinaclean made appearances at two major expos this year, the Pest Tech Exhibition in Milton Keynes, and the Holiday Park & Resort Innovation Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. 


2024 is looking to be even more exciting, and we can't wait to share it with you! Keep an eye on our social media, emails, and blog for the latest at Spinaclean. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Spinaclean!