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Running for over eight years, Spinaclean's Training Day's have been designed to meet all your requirements needed to set up a profitable all over external cleaning business. Our products include the world's most powerful gutter cleaning machine, SkyVac, to the robust & durable SlipStream Pro 20, making paving cleaning 'easy.' Not only are sole traders taught how to be successful in running their own business, from marketing tips to tricks of the trade, but we also provide full back up and support to get your business off the ground, that's what makes our Training Day's so unique.

After recently gathering all feedback from attendees of our Training Days over the last year, we are pleased to announce that they have a 98% average success rate on the overall opinion of the day. From providing comfortable and relaxed training facilities, right up to the belief that the day was both informative and helpful. With well-balanced results on what attendees enjoyed the most from the day, it is clear to say that our Training Days are surely a hit with all those who attend. See the detailed feedback in the Infographic above for more insightful results.

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