Earn £500 a day with a pressure washer business

Earn £500 a day with a pressure washer business

How would you fancy earning up to £500 a week? Do you want to be your own boss?

Well, if you’ve answered yes to both these questions, then you need to watch this video!  With the season about to start, there’s no better time to set up a Pressure Washing business!

Want to find out more?  Well, we caught up with two seasoned Exterior Professionals and quizzed them about all things Pressure Washing.  From getting started, to promoting their services, through to earning potential and everything else in between.  

Some of the questions we cover: 

  • How much money can you make cleaning patios and driveways? 
  • How quick and easy is it to set up a pressure washing business? 
  • How quickly can you make your money back 
  • How do you get customers 
  • Is pressure washing a seasonal, or all year round business?  
  • What’s it like, being your own boss. 

So, if starting your own business is on your bucket list for 2022, get yourself and mug of tea and a notepad and let Paul Crosbie from Crosbies Direct Cleaning and Richard Marshall from Sleephaven tell you how easy it can be!



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Originally Published 24th February 2022
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