SkyVac Gutter Cleaning video goes viral

SkyVac Gutter Cleaning video goes viral

Here at Spinaclean, the home of skyVac®, we love to hear how our products are creating new career opportunities and changing the futures for our customers. This company ethos follows the path of Spinaclean MD Andy Whiting who set up Spinaclean in 2004. Andy, former MD of a major manufacturer of industrial cleaning machines with 165 employees, decided to change his own career path and set up his own patio cleaning business.

Former boxer, Gaz Green, decided to hang up his gloves when he became a new father. Having fought the likes of Terrible Tim Weatherspoon, two-time world heavy weight champion, Gaz certainly had enough determination and drive to make a success of his new career.

skyVac© Gutter Cleaning


Fast forward to 2019 and peak gutter cleaning season. Gaz Green and his fleet of three Greens Exterior Cleaning and Waste Management vans are busily working their way around the gutters of the West Midlands, clearing blockages and ensuring that rainwater is free flowing for the upcoming winter season. 

Never one to shy away from a tough opponent, Gaz took his skyVac® Industrial 85 to a particularly challenging gutter in May 2018. With 6 other specialists having tried and failed to remove the stubborn gutter growth, the property’s owner was told the job would require scaffolding. So when Gaz turned up with his skyVac® Industrial 85 – a powerful gutter cleaning machine - and took on the challenge, the owner was a little sceptical. 

But Gaz and the skyVac® Industrial 85 made light work of the seemingly immovable gutter blockage with all from the safety of the ground.  After a tussle that was captured on film, an 8ft long turf of stubborn grass and earth was finally removed from the gutters and downpipe.  Gaz posted the video to his Facebook account and took social media by storm. With over 230,000 views and counting, Gaz credits the business growth and a minimum of 500 appointments to this viral sensation.

So, if you have blocked or overflowing gutters and live in the West Midlands, then don't hesitate to contact Greens Exterior Cleaning and Waste Management.