SkyVac ATEX reaches new heights

Since the launch of our SkyVac ATEX system last year, the unique machine has been proving its worth from London to Cumbria in a range of demonstrations. Made specially for ATEX (Atmospheres Explosive) Zone 22 hazardous areas and based on the world’s famous SkyVac system, we have developed the only independently ATEX certified high level cleaning pole system compatible with all ATEX certified vacuums.

The SkyVac ATEX allows the operator to clean above the ground safely, solving the worry of possible disasters when cleaning in explosive or combustible atmospheres containing airborne dust. The powerful but lightweight system has a range of unique features including 100% carbon fibre sections and only 93 grams per pole – the world’s lightest. We are now also proud to be the only authorised accessory supplier to the three largest manufacturers of ATEX vacuums worldwide.

Designed by Andy Whiting, Spinaclean developed the brand SkyVac – to offer the market place an innovative and safe method of cleaning gutters from the ground level. This ultra-light system has firmly established itself in over 35 Countries and is today the world’s most powerful freestanding gutter cleaning machine. This has now successfully evolved into an internal high-level ATEX cleaning system.

One of our most recent ATEX demonstrations, carried out at an award-winning healthy food manufacturer, proved a success with a contractor stating, “This is a fantastic piece of kit. Previously we used to blow the dust off hard to reach areas with compressed air. With SkyVac we are cutting our labour time by 50% and making a much safer environment.” For more information on our ATEX range click here.

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